Check-In & Playlist: November 27, 2011

We had a freak-tastic Thanksgiving, how about you? All sorts of crap to be thankful for. For one thing: St. John's Wort. I've been taking this herbal supplement for about three months now. The label says, "If you don't notice changes in your overall demeanor within two months, it's time to look into something like Prozac, a used sensory deprivation tank, or self-flagellation." Happily, I've noticed a big change: None of you appear to me as a flesh-eating zombie wielding a scythe. That's a big improvement over August. I'm also a little chipper.

Also: As you can see on this very page I've started writing for Blogcritics, and published my very first Q-and-A-formatted interview, with Professor Elemental. There are two other interviews in the can that I'm hoping to have up here soon, but it was personally important to me that Prof was our debut. Say, if you happen to know a music-type person that wants to be interviewed, I have lots of questions. They're not all from Trivial Pursuit either.

Also: November 2011 was this blog's most-viewed month by about 30% over the next-biggest month (which was October). We're one step closer to accusations of selling out - thanks!

Also: If you haven't noticed, I've curtailed my writing for The Seattle Times. We were just two different people thrown together in turbulent times while bombs were flying overhead as an indifferent aristocracy willed us to the slaughterhouse. It just didn't work out. But we're on good terms. Ironically, though, the online version of the Times' one-time competitor, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, syndicates Blogcritics content for its website. You can search for the Nickelback and Miranda Lambert reviews on So it looks to casual observers, if they don't look closely enough, that I now write for the P-I. I discovered that this weekend. It was pretty amusing. In the end, though, I'm really jonesin' for a spot at

Also: The Nickelback review elicited my first-ever reader comment on Blogcritics, from someone named Gina: "Nickleback is fucking amazing and no matter what all those fuckers say, i will ALWAYS love them & have them be my favorite band!" Absolutely, Gina! More power to you!

Also: I saw The Muppets and Melancholia. They were kind of the same. Jason Segel was only in one of them, but I think Animal was in both.

Also: The guy behind the honey badger viral video now follows my tweets. I didn't really do anything to merit or influence his decision but I still rank it as a major accomplishment.

Also: Truly unforeseen, bizarre, wonderful opportunities appear to be manifesting themselves for 2012. I may be on the cusp of thinking about planning for the possible execution of a major achievement. You'll be the first to know. Probably before me.

Critical Beatdown, Ultramagnetic MC's
Take Care, Drake
Rebel Without Applause, Professor Elemental & Tom Caruana
Les 50 Plus Belles Chansons, Nino Ferrer
Solitaire, Neil Sedaka
Quadrophenia, The Who
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