Song Of The Day 4/26/2012: GG Allin - "Shove That Warrant Up Your A**"

It's been brought to my attention that quite a few of the Songs Of The Day lately have been too "mellow." Some would even say "precious." Still someone else said "quaint," and the word "wussy" has been bandied about. I don't know how these folks missed the most recent Monday when I put a raucous, albeit brief Hüsker Dü song up here, or how anyone could forget Friday the 13th when I featured Nitro's "Freight Train."* In any event, what did you want me to do as I got older? Explode with rage? Go all Michael Douglas in Falling Down? Come on! I take herbal supplements! I take meetings! I serve in advisory capacities! I can't be all enmeshed in unchecked hostility. I save that for yoga.

Anyway, fine. Here's some G.G. Allin. Careful what you wish for.

*BTW, the Nitro SOTD is, as of this writing, the most popular entry in the series yet. I wondered why AquaNet so readily agreed to be my sponsor.
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