Song Of The Day 5/17/2012: The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy - "The Best Way"

In 1994, as part of Olympia supergroup Wonder Woman, I contributed vocals and keyboards to a song called "Duckies." The song, which I can't find online, graduated into Northwest legend. It is taught in pre-schools, danced to in Latin clubs, and played during the seventh-inning stretch at Mariners games. I clear about $500,000 a month on royalties from "Duckies" which affords me five homes in tax-sheltered areas and, as my friend Diana Arens would say, Shelton.

Many people stop me on the street and ask where I got the inspiration for the lyrics for the chorus of "Duckies" ("Duckies / duckies / duckies / duckies / duckies / duckies / duckies / duckies"). I would like to say it was handed to me by platinum cherubs who'd steered a dragster into my rec room, but in fact it came from this song by the great British band The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy.

Although I thought for years that they were saying "Raise duckies!" it turns out the actual words were "Prize turkeys!" So I guess the platinum cherub story isn't that far from the truth.

"Just keep punching."
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