Song Of The Day 5/23/2012: T Bone Burnett - "Hefner And Disney"

This is a T Bone Burnett song from 1983, long before he started collecting stone-faced statuettes for his usually excellent work in film music. The album's called Proof Through The Night, and it remains, maddeningly, un-reissued to this day.

In a lot of ways it's a very cinematic album, thematically, and in a couple of cases lyrically. It contains my favorite song about Marilyn Monroe: "After All These Years," which from what I understand was inspired by a couple of guys who either actually dug up Marilyn's grave or conjectured about it ("Did she still look as hurt after all these years?"). Or it may have been an apocryphal account Burnett just made up when I saw him in concert in the '80s. Or maybe I dreamed about it. But that's not likely because I don't remember my dreams, which is a big problem, because I never know what self-help book I'm supposed to buy.

Anyway, forget about that. This song isn't "After All These Years." This song is called "Hefner And Disney." The video treatment is from a director named Geoff Haskell, whom I've never heard of, and obviously was done much more recently than 1983. I won't give this one away. Have a look.
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