Song Of The Day 5/3/2012: Nicky Hopkins - "Speed On"

A few years ago I received a vinyl copy of Nicky Hopkins' 1973 solo album The Tin Man Was A Dreamer as a gift. Hopkins (1944-1994) was probably the most legendary British studio pianist in rock history, revered by knowledgeable fans of the Rolling Stones' peak era. I think Hopkins has the edge over Ian Stewart. The point being, I got a vinyl copy of this album, but have yet to purchase a turntable due to space limitations in my house. Every single piece of music currently existing in this house is either on CD or Mp3, except for the Nicky Hopkins album. It has remained unplayed, and until I looked up a suitable song from the album on YouTube for this entry, I'd never heard a single bit of it. However, the album itself has a somewhat exalted position in my personal space, overlooking my desk from atop a small set of drawers. Every time I look up from the screen Nicky is peering at me, as if to say, "Yeah, blogs are great. But this is what you really should be doing right now." Cheeky bloke.
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