Song Of The Day 6/12/2012: Shudder To Think with Jeff Buckley - "I Want Someone Badly"

One of my five favorite albums of 1997 was Shudder To Think's soundtrack album to First Love, Last Rites, a movie I personally didn't care for that much. But STT's idea for the score was great: They enlisted a handful of their favorite singers -- Liz Phair, Billy Corgan, Cheap Trick's Robin Zander, The Cardigans' Nina Persson, etc. -- to perform songs envisioned as "oldies" being played on the local radio station in the movie. Some of them, particularly Phair's and Corgan's, didn't sound the least bit retro, which was just fine. Jeff Buckley's album-opening song, though, was retro soul all the way. Before this song came out I wasn't really sold on Buckley, but after hearing it I went back and reappraised Grace favorably. I brought in specialists. We had finger sandwiches. It was a lovely afternoon. You should get this album.
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