Song Of The Day 6/24/2012: DJ Clayvis - "Since 1776"

I was out of ideas for Song Of The Day the other night. So I just entered interesting, seemingly contradictory phrases in Bing to find some results. One of them was "Republican rap songs," and this is what I got.

Perhaps I should allow the artist to introduce himself, via the mission statement on his YouTube page. I didn't edit it any, because alternate capitalization strategies are part of this guy's charm:
"This song features Award-Winning Business Owner and Republican Rapper 'DJ Clayvis' telling his personal business history and officially introducing himself to America. During this song he verbally battles Ludacris, and Lil' Wayne while calling call on them to not be dead beat Dad's and verbal pornographers. As the song concludes Clay plunges into the deep end of his lyrical pool to discuss the 'EARN IT, TAX IT, SPEND IT, TAX IT, SAVE IT, TAX IT, DIE AND THEY TAX IT' cycle of the ever-growing Federal Government before he encourages us all to participate in the Tea Party movement.

"To hear more from DJ Clayvis check out his ever expanding library or subscribe to the channel so that you can hear the bi-weekly 'DJ Clayvis & Davis Radio Show: Small Government = Big Wallets.' This show is produced by 2 black republicans and 1 white 'token' republican (DJ Clayvis)."
I also did not make much of an effort to ascertain what Awards the gentleman has Won.
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