Crowdsourced Song Of The Day 7/29/2012: The Techniques - "Queen Majesty"

Our first Crowdsourced* Song Of The Day was suggested by Ross Raihala of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, no doubt inspired by Queen Elizabeth's first foray into comedy at yesterday's London Olympics opening ceremony. In case you missed it, Daniel Craig (as James Bond) escorted Queen Elizabeth into a helicopter which flew to the stadium where the ceremonies were taking place. A Queen stunt double then parachuted down with Craig (or a stunt double) close behind, and after she disappeared behind the stadium, the real Queen calmly appeared, to thunderous applause from the stadium, and took her position at her pre-assigned box seat. Then she grabbed the mic, lit a stogie, told some deeply offensive jokes about Irish plague victims and got booed off the stage.

*(I forgot to mention: New feature! "Crowdsourced" Song Of The Day happens when I can't think of a good Song Of The Day and ask my Facebook friends to come up with one. If you want to take part, be my Facebook friend. I'm ever so eager to read your Farmville updates.)
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