Song Of The Day 7/19/2012: A loose association led by Tony Randall - "Beatles Medley"

I had no ideas for Song Of The Day, so I turned to Facebook. "I need a Song Of The Day, STAT!" And America responded. Josh suggested the Paul Williams version of "Rainbow Connection." Eve suggested "Fill Your Heart" by David Bowie, from the Hunky Dory album, which always reminded me of Anthony Newley. I began searching for YouTubes from Paul Williams and Anthony Newley independently... when I stumbled upon this.

Oh, this is, as my Brooklyn friend Rob would say, "a cuddle and a half." It's from a 1977 ABC-TV special called "Beatles Forever," which was hosted by Tony Randall. (I think anybody who could be described as "twee" owes the estate of Tony Randall some sort of ex post facto royalty payments. Motherfucker invented twee. Rocked the Windsor knot. You can't even tie your shoes and you should be wearing loafers anyway.) I'd actually heard something from this show before: Newley's warbling, Wayne-Newton-tries-to-sell-Ravi-Shankar-a-ribeye rendition of George's "Within You Within You." But I never thought I'd see a clip of the show, let alone one that goes on for eight and a half glorious minutes. It's a happy day here.

Side note: Bernadette Peters was and will always be H-O-T-T.
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