Song Of The Day 7/27/2012: Mungo Jerry - "Mighty Man"

They are Mungo Jerry, he is lead singer Ray Dorset, and those are the most lethal mutton chops in the history of British music. I was going to say "except for Lemmy," but after being unable to avert my gaze from the sides of Dorset's head through the viewing of two music videos, I might have to drop that exemption. Dorset does not have mere mutton chops - they are full-bore hockey sticks. They are ladles. They are escalators of hair. There is no getting around them. They are beautiful.

This quite enjoyable song was the B-side of the song Mungo Jerry are internationally, eternally famous for: the banjo-and-jug-fueled "In The Summertime." Note the kazoo in the harmonica holder. And the mutton chops.
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