Song Of The Day 7/31/2012: Martin Newell - "The Greatest Living Englishman"

I recently recalibrated the list of my top 20 albums of all time. This is an exercise we music aficionados go through approximately once every year. There's no real reason for it other than to convince ourselves that we're growing beyond our own nostalgia. However, invariably for me, if I ever make new additions to the top 20 list, they are usually albums that have been out for a considerable amount of time, and we've just now accepted they've had a much more major impact on our lives that we first estimated. This year was a particularly volatile year for me, as I tossed out three albums from my top 20 (I don't remember which ones) (I didn't say I saved past years' results, just that I recalibrated them) in favor of three albums that keep appearing in my life like crabgrass. It's time I admit it to myself. Admission is the first step in... I don't know, purchasing high-end stereo equipment or something, or allowing yourself to buy a Porsche. I can't afford a Porsche, so I'll just recalibrate my top 20 list.

Martin Newell's album The Greatest Living Englishman broke into my Top 20 of all time this year, alongside Fleetwood Mac's Tusk and Hall & Oates' Voices. Don't blink, because another change to this list is just one restaining of my deck away.
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