Song Of The Day 8/15/2012: Lou Rawls with the Mike Curb Congregation - "A Natural Man"

Yesterday I received a huge coffee table book (signed, with a very nice personal message) commemorating the 50-year anniversary of Mike Curb's career. In addition to having a storied experience in the music business, he also owned a fleet of NASCAR racers, is one of Nashville's most fervent philathropists, and served as California's Republican Lieutenant Governor during Democrat Jerry Brown's first gubernatorial tenure in the late '70s. Those must have been some eventful staff meetings. Plus, let us not forget, his label put out The Four Seasons' "December 1963 (Oh What A Night)," which is my jam, dig?

But what I didn't realize before looking through the book was that The Mike Curb Congregation -- the chorale group he formed in the late '60s -- were the backup vocalists for one of my favorite soul singles of all time, Lou Rawls' "Natural Man." Any excuse I have to post this song, no matter how roundabout, I will take.
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