Song Of The Day 9/11/2012: Hall & Oates - "Everytime I Look At You"

Look, you knew this was inevitable. You know who runs this blog 'cause his name's at the top. You know what he's capable of. You know what type of condominiums dot the double helices that make up the subdivisions of his DNA. Knowing all that, you knew at some point, somewhere down the line, that he was gonna put a Hall & Oates song up here. Today's the day. We're etching the plaque now. Frankly it's a sign of my restraint that it took me 167 Songs Of The Day to get around to H&O.

This epic track is the final track on their 1973 album Abandoned Luncheonette, which is the album that has "She's Gone" on it. It's perhaps the hardest funk number they ever did, and one of the most gleefully sloppy songs they did as well. Listen carefully for Daryl calling out a key change in the middle ("A D chord. Woo!") I strongly advise you stick this sucker out until the final minute for the most hilarious, unexpected coda a major pop group ever threw on a record. Well, I laughed, anyway.
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