Song Of The Day 9/1/2012: Lou Reed - "September Song"

My favorite version of the Kurt Weill-Maxwell Anderson standard "September Song" is by Lindsey Buckingham, and appears on his solo debut Law And Order. I love it because Lindsey sings more like he's escaping from August, rather than welcoming September. That's a feeling I used to have every year until I started eating vegetables.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find Lindsey's version, so I found Lou Reed's version from the 1985 various-artists tribute album, Lost In The Stars. Which is a whole other story unto itself -- with Lost In The Stars, executive producer Hal Willner essentially invented what we know as the modern-day tribute album. You can either credit or blame Willner, depending on how you feel about tribute albums. In any case, September's my favorite month of the year, so let's start it off with a gentle, rolling amble. And, you know, guitars.
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