Song Of The Day 9/12/2012: Krisma - "I'm Not In Love"

Hey, listen. I understand. It's not an easy task to cover a beloved '70s pop standard. How much redefinition is appropriate? It's totally fair to give your own unique stamp to your interpretation. Like, say, vocally. It just shines a light on the original composition, right? Shades it. Or changes the tint a little bit.

Or, conversely, you can chop the original tune up, throw in some provocative archival footage, veg out in classically synthetic cosmopolitan disaffectation™, and make the song into something so perverse and befuddling that we can only guess, via your imagery and tactics, what in the hell you were trying to say.

Guess which of those two approaches Italian new wave band Krisma's cover of 10cc's "I'm Not In Love" espouses. Here's a clue: Not the Bublé-ian option. But then if it was, it wouldn't be Song Of The Day.

Have fun with this one, Junior Stalinists and star children. 
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