Song Of The Day 9/27/2012: Patrik Fitzgerald - "Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart"

Dovetailing from yesterday's post about a song heard on Pseu's last Thing With A Hook show on WFMU: Also on that show was a song by the Bartlebees which I liked a lot, but couldn't find via my usual network of YouTube espionage. However, I came across their cover of "Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart," originally by the great British punk artist Patrik Fitzgerald, and immediately realized I've gone 183 songs deep into this vanity project without doing a single Patrik Fitzgerald song.

So since yesterday was Yom Kippur, I'm atoning one day late. It's Judaism on Evergreen time.*

For reference, here's the Bartlebees' version:

* This private joke is brought to you by the Olympia Chamber Of Commerce.
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