Songs Of The Day 9/6/2012: Bill Wells & Aidan Moffatt - "Cages" and "Glasgow Jubilee"

My third favorite album of 2011 (and yes, I keep records of these things, they're etched in stone tablets going back to 1979 and are currently being kept in a Renton Public Storage) was Everything's Getting Older, the collaboration between two Scottish musicians, pianist Bill Wells and former Arab Strap member Aidan Moffatt. In glowing self-awareness I'm sure many must have found annoying, I thought I was the only person in the world to appreciate its greatness. But just this last June it won the first-ever Scottish Album Of The Year award, for which Wells & Moffatt were awarded £20,000. I'm thrilled. It is on the Chemikal Underground label if you wish to seek it out. If I were you, that's what I'd wish.

I could not decide which song I wanted to put up from this album; I considered five very carefully. Ultimately I went with "Cages," the one with the clever retro video, and "Glasgow Jubilee," a vulgar, comically extended narrative in which all characters have some form of retributive, curiously un-recreational sex. I have provided links to the lyrics for those of you who, like myself, need inter-accent translations.

"Cages" (lyrics):

"Glasgow Jubilee" (lyrics):

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