Song Of The Day 10/10/2012: Klaatu - "Routine Day"

Klaatu were the Canadian band that someone decided to say were the reunited Beatles recording under a pseudonym. This ploy was no doubt assisted by the band's refusal to name individual members on the credits, and the swirling controversy was exploited by Capitol Records -- not really in a hands-on way, but more in a coy, questioning way. You know: "Who's Klaatu? That's a good question. See ya!"

The whole faux-Beatles thing left a sour taste in a lot of mouths, and many dismissed Klaatu strictly because of that. But I think they were perfectly respectable. This is a song from 1979 with animation that looks like it was from 1979. Look for a character near the end of the video that looks suspiciously like a full-bearded John Lennon circa Abbey Road. That's cheeky. I should not be using the word "cheeky" to describe Canadians.
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