Song Of The Day 10/21/2012: Sexual Harrassment - "Exercise Your Ass Off"

Sexual Harrassment [sic] were from Cleveland, the brainchild of soon-to-be-DJ Lynn Tolliver. Who explained his group's somewhat unfortunate name this way:
“Sexual harassment is never a good thing, but who doesn’t know about it? My ‘Sexual Harrassment’ was the first good use of the name, and I didn’t have to market the name, or make the name a household word – it was already a household word!” 
I think I'm inviting this guy to the ashram! The group recorded an old-school cult classic called "I Need A Freak," which became the basis for Too $hort's song of the same name, as well as the Black Eyed Peas' tribute to self-generated convex surfaces, "My Humps." (The licensing to the latter song was done without Tolliver's permission by a former business partner. Tolliver won a million-dollar judgment for that.)

Anyway, Sexual Harrassment put out an entire album of half-decent electro-funk, which included this acknowledgement of the burgeoning exercise movement of the early '80s. Don't look now, but I think it's a metaphor.
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