Crowdsourced Song Of The Day 11/12/2012: Sparks - "Ugly Guys With Beautiful Girls"

Today's CSOTD comes to us courtesy of Mare Wagar Hilchey, who also hasn't been the same since touching the hem of Bonaduce's garment. Sparks' 2002 album Lil' Beethoven is one of my favorite misfit albums of the past decade and a half, an orchestral gambit that experimented with repetition, chorale treatments, and wickedly funny lyrics. But this track takes the cake. I love it for its several character failings: the character's resentment and his implied hubris that he's a good-looking man that deserves to be with a beautiful girl. (For the record, Russell Mael's kinda easy on the eyes.) The jab at the perceived undesirability of tech millionaires. The flirtation with misogyny, or maybe it's overt. And the truly jarring "oo-whop-oo-whop" chorale hook. It sounds like a doo-wop group playing Regan MacNeil's birthday party.

Thanks, Mare!
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