Crowdsourced Song Of The Day 11/6/2012: Death - "Politicians In My Eyes"

Today's couldn't-be-more-appropriate CSOTD comes to us courtesy of Ian Stenseng. Death was from Detroit. I'll give you a minute to appreciate that.

So, hopefully you're pulling your levers today, unless you're in Florida, in which case you've been trying to execute your Constitutional right during siesta. Try not to look too disenfranchised. But think of the payoff: You get to elect people described fairly accurately in this song, which was recorded in 1974.

Sorry guys. The cynical bandwagon is just too much fun. We have better jokes, we're sexy in an understated kind of way, and the drinks are stiffer. Give me a great reason to be any other way. You gave us Sean Hannity, Lawrence O'Donnell and the bulging blood vessels in their necks (although Hannity hides it better). What'd you expect?

However, you should still vote. There are possibly some local issues on your ballots that need your input. What you decide to do with the cult of personality that's taken over the positional races, I don't care. Dartboards are good. There you go. I'm Paul Pearson and I approve this diatribe.

Thanks, Ian!
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