Song Of The Day 11/11/2012: The High Llamas - "Checking In, Checking Out"

I'm going on a week-and-a-half road trip beginning tomorrow. Straight down the I-5 to California. I'm trying to nail down exactly what's the intent. I mean, it's going to be great seeing a bunch of people I truly have respect for. At the same time I have to represent my brand. I have a beeline on what that brand is, but I'm not sure I'm totally there yet. I have two days to figure it out, and not a single person in this house is a marketing consultant. I've really gotta start cracking the whip around here. Hank's already nearly five years old. He has no excuse for not knowing customer psychology yet.

Well, anyway, here are the High Llamas with a song that sounds born for road trips of the erudite and fatigued. Neither of which is good for my brand. Wish me luck.
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