Song Of The Day 11/9/2012: Scott Walker - "Epizootics!"

There's a new Scott Walker album coming out on December 4, entitled Bish Bosch. News of a new Scott Walker album typically makes me react the same way Navin Johnson reacts to delivery of a new phone book. This is the first music video from the album. It came out yesterday. I'm not waiting a second to share this. This thing's amazing. Full-screen this shit.

For those not familiar with the Scott Walker story, I'll sum it up quickly: Was a major pop star in the UK during the '60s, as part of the Walker Brothers. Near-Beatles hysteria. Discovered the music of Jacques Brel and went solo with exquisite results. Chart success faded and he doesn't like to talk about the '70s. Jumping to the '80s, Walker made an album which was a weird collision between abstract music and studio musicians who were never taught the songs before they recorded their parts. Ten years later Walker makes Tilt, a dramatically experimental album that one critic called "the most unlistenable album ever made." 2006: Walker releases The Drift, an album that contains not one single major or minor chord in all its 69 minutes; they're all diminished or atonal. Songs featured the death and public exhibition of the bodies of Mussolini and his mistress, Elvis Presley mourning his stillborn brother during 9/11, and a lethal match between Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons. All-Music Guide calls The Drift one of the ten best death-metal albums of 2006. It is the best-engineered musical recording I've ever heard.

And now this, which is even more pop-friendly than The Drift. I'm le giddy.

(P.S. "Epizootic" is an actual word, defining a disease that spreads rapidly in a given animal population. It's comparable to the word "epidemic," which defines such a malady in human populations.)
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