Song Of The Day 12/13/2012: Kelly Willis - "They're Blind"

Just thought I'd give you a warning that tomorrow we're going straight into the Christmas songs. I did some counting and realized if I wanted to do a 12-Days-Of-Christmas type thing, which is extremely marketable, then I'd have to start reeling off the Christmas songs on December 14. Kind of snuck up on me. So I'm giving you a one-day grace period before the holiday songs start tumbling out. (They've all been chosen. Don't worry. Those that aren't legitimately good are, naturally, likable in an ironic way, as my image consultants have advised.)

In the meantime, this is roots crooner Kelly Willis, covering one of my favorite late-period Replacements songs. Without getting too revealing, the Mats' original version has been running through my head for... well, now that I think about it, about three years now. Cut up your own conclusions and stick 'em to cheap construction paper.

Tomorrow: tidings of comfort and joy, suckas.
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