Song Of The Day 12/18/2012: Billy Squier With the MTV Chorus - "Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You"

On the fifth day of Christmas, I give you the largest collection of permed hair and bug-eyed glasses ever assembled. I found this by searching for "Worst Christmas Songs Of the '80s," but I have to say I actually like this one!

For you young'uns, what you're seeing appears to be the very first generation of people who worked at Music Television, four months after they went into business in 1981. You're seeing what we used to call "VJ's," which was short for "video jockeys," because back in those days MTV was known for playing music videos on a 24-hour basis, and they would need people to... jockey them. And they needed support staff. Everyone who worked at MTV in 1981 appears to be in this video behind Billy Squier, including Nina Blackwood, J.J. Johnson, Mark Goodman, Martha Quinn and... and...

...oh, Martha...


Anyway, this happened.
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