Song Of The Day 12/23/2012: Amon Amarth - "Viking Christmas"

On the tenth day of Christmas, I give you eggnog stirred by the hammer of Thor. Let me step right into the controversy about whether Amon Amarth are true "Viking Metal." Yes, there's an argument. Although Amon Amarth draws from Norse mythology and paganism, a reader insists that doesn't make it true Viking Metal, because it's not just about the lyrics. "If Amon Amarth is Viking metal, then Agalloch is pantheist metal, Megadeth is political metal and Nile is so-called Ithyphallic metal."

Hey dudes -- remember when we played that Pantheist Metal Battle Of The Bands?? And how we got screwed by that band Black Spinoza? They weren't true pantheist metal!!! If you listen to their lyrics, it's beyond fuckin' obvious they were polytheist metal!!! Death To False Pantheist Metal!!!

This is a song about the joys of a Viking childhood Christmas. I can't speak to its accuracy.
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