Song Of The Day 12/29/2012: Ruben & The Jets (The Mothers Of Invention) - "Fountain Of Love"

I was never a huge Frank Zappa fan. I loved a lot of things about him, but I never was absorbed with his actual output. I'm remedying some of my ignorance of his past work now that it's been made available on Spotify, something that just happened a couple of weeks ago. I always liked that he had a sincere affection for doo-wop music, and really liked it when he found a reason to use Mothers vocalist Ray Collins, who passed away last Monday. Cruising With Ruben & The Jets was a 1969 homage to doo-wop that was straight up, for the most part -- as sincere as a fake band presented as canines can be. "Fountain Of Love" is a glorious display of Collins.
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