Song Of The Day 12/4/2012: DJ Dave & Barney Kook - "Mixologist"

DJ Dave and Barney Kook of Fog And Smog Films had a viral hit last year with their video for "Whole Foods Parking Lot," one of the cleverer hip hop comic videos I've had the pleasure to watch, satirizing middle-class pretension with pinpoint sub-references. "Mixologist" does the same for maxi-trendy cocktail bars and speakeasies of the Los Angeles persuasion. (Although a friend of mine took me to a speakeasy when I was in L.A. last month and I quite enjoyed it. I thought I saw Rob Lowe but I didn't.) Also, this music video has an absolutely perfect ending, especially for anyone who's ever lived in L.A. for more than a month.

Special thanks to Cinnamon Brunmier-Keller for pre-emptively allowing me to steal this from her Facebook timeline.
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