Song Of The Day 1/13/2013: The Desperate Bicycles - "The Medium Was Tedium"

"It may have been The Sex Pistols and The Ramones that taught a generation that anyone could be in a band, but it was The Desperate Bicycles that taught them they could put out their own records." Although the Buzzcocks beat out the Bicycles for the first self-released single of the punk era, Danny Wigley and the Desperate Bicycles were the first who were committed to the do-it-yourself code. They never sought a record deal, and in those days anyone the least bit cheesed off got a record deal. The Desperate Bicycles had none of that. They just released 24 songs across several 7-inches and one album, then disappeared in 1980 and have refused all interviews since.

They've resisted all efforts to reissue their stuff. To be honest I don't know where anyone can find them. But you can get all their songs as Mp3's at this site.

"It was easy, it was cheap, go and do it." Okay, I will. How about you?
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