Song Of The Day 1/15/2013: Donna Summer - "This Time I Know It's For Real"

Yesterday I went on about how I don't put songs that hit the Billboard Top 10 on this page except in extraordinary circumstances, like if I'm being waterboarded or something. So for today, I chose this really nice Donna Summer track, knowing it came out in the late '80s, and just assuming because of her career trajectory at the time that it was only a hit overseas. Like Britain and Germany. However, in looking it up, I discovered this was actually Donna's last US Top 10 hit. It peaked at #7 in 1989. Well, by 1989 I'd stopped watching MTV and didn't listen to the radio, so I never heard this song until last week when I caught it on WFMU. So as it's revealed its mystical charms to me, you may be underwhelmed. I apologize. No, wait, I don't apologize. My podiatrist says I have to start standing up for myself.
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