Song Of The Day 1/18/2013: Kevin Coyne - "I Want My Crown"

(Facebook Status Update:)

Paul Pearson: Diligently diving into the work of Kevin Coyne for the first time. How could I have missed this guy?

(Ensuing comments:)

Paul Pearson: King, have you heard this guy?

King Dinösaur: No. At first I thought he was Wayne Coyne's brother until I just looked him up. Watching some Youtube right now...

King: Holy shit. MARJORY RAZORBLADE!!!

King: From Wiki: "Coyne is notable for his unorthodox style of blues-influenced guitar composition, the intense quality of his vocal delivery, and his bold treatment of injustice to the mentally ill in his lyrics."

Paul: Do a Google image search for "kevin coyne in living black and white" and look at the album cover - both front AND back. I can hang with this guy.

Paul: Well, I can't hang with him, he's dead. But I could have.

King: Wow, just check it out. This is quite a find. Thanks, Paul!

King: Okay, totally ripped off that album cover, right?

Paul: I'm just now hearing him for the first time myself... This is the first music I've heard all year that's gotten me this excited. One thing I hate about music publicity is when they call someone "_____ crossed with _____," as I think that's total laziness. But in this case, I can't keep from calling this guy Van Morrison crossed with Bon Scott.

King: Damn...that's pretty apt.

Paul: Actually, if Eminem had the presence of mind to rip Kevin Coyne off, I'd be amazed he could even count that as an influence. I'm googling that mother.

King: Encore album.

Paul: Can't find any of them referenced together. You're the first person to make that association. It's the same album cover.

King: It totally is. Just switch out the straight razor for a gun. Coincidence???

Paul: It can't be, but yet it might be.

King: It's eerily similar.

Paul: Check out "I Want My Crown" if you can find it. I feel like that every goddamn day. Deservedly or otherwise, heh.

King: Anyway...Kevin Coyne is amazing. Thanks again for bringing him to my attention!

King: Looking now.

Paul: We'll have a summit on it later. No problem, I just stumbled onto (Coyne) myself.

Paul: Had a feeling you'd appreciate him.

King: Listening to "I Want my Crown" right now...

Paul: He turned down the chance to replace Jim Morrison in the Doors because he didn't like the leather pants. Forget it, I'm in the Coyne Army for life.

King: goddam.

King: It just keeps getting better...

Paul: Okay, internet, you win this round.

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