Song Of The Day 1/19/2013: Noël Coward - "I Like America"

I have just been getting into the oeuvre of Noël Coward as singer/composer, and stumbled upon this typically droll piece of appreciation for our homeland's carnal proclivities, circa 1949. My favorite parts include his theorem that Tennesseans sit under trees and read erotic literature, and that "In Dallas, Tex/They talk of sex/But only think of oil." Of course, these days the two are more interconnected than they were in the '40s. There's just more stuff available. You can get lots of oil at your friendly neighborhood Castle Megastore. Free enterprise, Noël. We done figured that stuff out.

I don't think one could get away with this kind of song today. FoxNews would hyperventilate. Anyway, enjoy your weekend, libertines.
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