Song Of The Day 1/25/2013: Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros - "Just Like Hank"

Every half-serious country musician has a song that's directly about the mythology of Hank Williams. This is one of the best I've heard. Walt Wilkins gets to the point. "I've got snakes in my dreams/I don't know what that means/But it's all just more reason to drink." When I first heard it I thought he said "It's all just more reason to dream." Maybe that is what he says. I had to replay it a few times to be sure and I'm still not. Maybe I wasn't drinking enough. Either interpretation, I think, works well.

This one goes out to my son, who turns five today, and was in a circuitous way named after the gentleman spoken of in this song. I hope I can teach him the fine art of snake handling. Happy birthday, Hank.
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