Song Of The Day 1/31/2013: Blonde Redhead - "Hated Because Of Great Qualities"

OLYMPIA, WA -- I'm sitting in the Brotherhood Lounge in Olympia as we speak, waiting for my buddy Chuck to show up. The Brotherhood is my official home bar. Even after living in Seattle almost eight years, it's still my home bar. Even if I have to relocate in the future away from the Pacific Northwest, the Brotherhood will be my home bar. If I get rerouted to Reykjavík for some diplomatic mission and end up spending the rest of my life there in a mess of ice masses and pickled food, the Brotherhood will be my home bar.

The Brotherhood was my living room for a couple of years. Actually, it was everybody's living room. Today's it's a lot of other people's living room, but I and the friends I used to hang out with all the time don't really do the bars much anymore. Mainly because we met our partners at the Brotherhood and have gone on to form unions and have families. The Brotherhood was the setting for a lot of drama, but it was the interpersonal kind. It wasn't the violent kind that Olympia was recently only too familiar with. The Brotherhood is Chekhovian. Well, Chekhov's a little dark. It was Jane Austen. It was Austenian. That's it. Jane Austen with a pool table and a couple of trust fund recipients in the back.

It also has an outstanding jukebox of personal selections from people who know a lot about music. It's playing CCR's version of "I Put A Spell On You" right now. It got me to thinking, what song will I always associate with the Brotherhood jukebox from the time when it was my living room, between 2002 and 2004? It's this one. I heard this many, many times at the Broho. I suspect it's apt but I have no explanation why.
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