Song Of The Day 2/28/2013: Electric Light Orchestra - "Xanadu"

It came to my horrified attention that there has never been a Song Of The Day by Electric Light Orchestra. I have rectified this situation. Here is ELO's theme from the slasher flick Xanadu, with Jeff Lynne doing his best Olivia Newton-John impression. A little huskier, I think you'd agree.

By the way, I once tried to do my duty as an irony addict and sit through the entire movie. I couldn't do it. Even as I saw multiple opportunities for mockery unfolding before my eyes, Xanadu just wore me out. Painfully, it was Gene Kelly's last picture. He really deserved a better final fate than wrangling Olympian muses in rainbow glitter. Well, come to think of it, that in itself wouldn't suck, but they filmed the sonofabitch.
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