Song Of The Day 2/7/2013: Betty Hutton - "Hamlet (Dog Eat Dog In Denmark)"

While looking stuff up on Richard Thompson Wednesday afternoon -- no, I didn't realize I'd be experiencing so much Thompsonmania this week -- I remembered I'd seen him perform a song presumably called "Dog Eat Dog In Denmark" several years ago. I assumed it was one of Thompson's self-written light parodies that he only did live. But yesterday I discovered that it was in fact written decades ago by Frank Loesser, the prolific composer of Guys And Dolls and "Baby It's Cold Outside" fame, and that the definitive version was done by Betty Hutton in the 1949 film Red, Hot And Blue.

If you're an underachieving Shakespearean scholar with a hangover and a pop quiz on Hamlet this morning, better soak this in. It'll go down sassier than CliffsNotes.
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