Song Of The Day 2/8/2013: Grizzly Bear featuring Michael McDonald - "While You Wait For The Others"

Now that the Indie Community Of Handholding And Exchanging Chalky Heart-Shaped Candies has very rightfully reclaimed Hall & Oates from the ash bin of vastly unappreciated pop superstars, let's talk about Michael McDonald. Who, let's face it, is a very good vocalist. I personally prefer the Doobie Brothers' post-Michael-acquisition era over their resin-on-my-dungarees era. "Takin' It To The Streets" is a great song. "What A Fool Believes" too. Yes! Put your hands together for musterin' a smile for his nostalgic tale!

Also: Michael McDonald bailed out Christopher Cross' ass. The guy who felt like a one-hit wonder, although technically he had something like four. But Chris Cross the desperado had to "Ride Like The Wind," fleeing the unsparing arm of the law after a mass slaughter: "Lived nine lives/Gunned down ten." Say what you want, but the sheer numbers of that killing spree are pretty impressive for an adult contemporary artist. And in Cross' reckless escape to the border, McDonald rode shotgun, reminding him he still had "a long way to go." Viva libertad!

Every hip hop group has sampled "I Keep Forgettin'." And we've mercilessly dumped McDonald. Relegated him as a relic of a decade built on pop impermanence and light suit jackets. What did he do to us? What did his husky, Creamsicle voice ever do to us? It was only trying to help. Thankfully, we've passed the irony firewall in music. We don't listen to "Real Love" just because it's funny anymore. We listen to it because it's enjoyable, and we want to steal the opening synth figure so we can sample it.

This is Brooklyn indie band Grizzly Bear handing over the singing of one of their singles to Michael McDonald. I think it works. I might be a fool, but that's what I believe.
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