Stolen Song Of The Day 2/11/2013: Nancy Sinatra - "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time"

Today's Song Of The Day was stolen from Rod Strychnine, who posted it on his Facebook timeline last Friday. I always make sure to credit victims of my thievery. Been doing that since I lifted the Hope Diamond. This track is from Nancy Sinatra's eponymous 2004 album, an effort to combine her talents with songs from left-of-center songwriters like Morrissey, Thurston Moore, Jon Spencer, Pete Yorn and Jarvis Cocker, who wrote this one. The idea wasn't as weird as it sounds, because Sinatra had ample experience with Lee Hazlewood, one of the weirdest songwriters of his time. Even "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'" was a little bit off if you sit and dissect it. Perhaps that's something you and your valentine can do later this week. Anyway, this song is great, the album's wonderful. You should acquire it legally. Thanks, Rod!
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