Crowdsourced Song Of The Day 3/25/2013: Matt Monro - "The Music Played"

Today's CSOTD comes to us through the auspices of Andy Lewis. Andy and I are particular fans of Irish songwriter Neil Hannon, who goes by the nom de plume The Divine Comedy. To say I'm a Divine Comedy fan is kind of an understatement -- I suspect they're/he's/it's the band/artist/entity that I've listened to most over the last decade. Andy says he'd love to hear the Divine Comedy cover Matt Monro, a British pop singer who was one of a few big, ongoing '60s projects for producer George Martin, another one being a transformed skiffle band of some renown.

This is a decent representative of the grandiose, orchestral self-flagellation and remorse that could only have been produced before shrinks or swamis became fashionable and more reasonably priced. As much as I poke at it with a stick, I'm actually a sucker for this shit. And so is Andy. Thanks, Andy!

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