Song Of The Day 3/16/2013: France Gall - "Laisse Tomber Les Filles"

I've been meaning to get around to posting a song from Francophiliac April March, and almost presented her '90s recording "Chick Habit" today. But then I discovered it was a cover, so naturally I went sniffing out for the original. So April's being postponed again. It's all for the greater good. "Laisse Tombers Les Filles" is a Serge Gainsbourg composition, first done by yé-yé singer France Gall in 1964. The song is an admonishment aimed at a serial womanizer. Roughly translated, the title is "Leave the girls alone." You read that right: Serge Gainsbourg wrote a song that was critical of polyamory.  Randy Newman's not the only guy who can write in character.

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