Song Of The Day 3/29/2013: William Shatner - "It Was A Very Good Year"

WE DID IT, INTERNET! YOU AND ME! WE DID IT! WOO-HOO! Today's the one-year anniversary of Song Of The Day. That's one whole year of manufacturing the appearance of industriousness! See, Mom?? I can do something consistently! Every time those "no" voices come into my head, I can just pull up the dashboard to this blog, cursor through all the past episodes, sit back, fold my arms and say, "Scoreboard. Scoreboard, you naysaying tongue-clickers. Know what I just proved to you? I proved I can waste people's lives to the tune of 365 times a year. You have lost, and now you go. Send back those voices in my head who tell me I have to correct society's mistakes with a paddleboard and bloodlust, I'll see them now."

What started as a way to inflate traffic to this blog has ended up as... a way to inflate traffic to this blog. Well, it worked, at any rate. You should see all the money I'm reclining in right now. Thanks to everyone for their patronage and kind remarks over the past year. As a reward, here's a video of the heroic William Shatner smiling way too much for anyone's comfort. Thank me later, via PayPal.

Here's to Year Two, where the questions are harder and the dollar values are doubled.

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