Song Of The Day 3/3/2013: Dwight Twilley Band - "That I Remember"

This is Dwight Twilley, another great entertainer and songwriter who was classified in the doomed genre "power pop." Hate to engage you in yet another circular argument about semantics, but the phrase "power pop" always felt to me like an unfortunate choice of words for music that need not be re-sorted out of rock and roll. I never recall, in all my years, ever having a discussion in which the phrase was used. "So what kind of music are you into?" "I'm into power pop." It just didn't happen. And power pop never became truly popular. Who would want to speak of a name like that? "Power pop." Sounds like a supplement for impatient athletes. "I gotta do ten more squats -- get me a power pop."

But this song's one of my favorites of the style. Here's a TV clip of Twilley doing this song. Check out the blond-haired guy playing the bass, I'm sure you recognize him from somewhere.

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