Song Of The Day 3/5/2013: Ian Whitcomb - "N-E-R-V-O-U-S"

Ian Whitcomb had a bonafide Top 10 hit in the US in 1965 with "You Turn Me On," right in the middle of the British Invasion. It was a little tricky to determine whether "You Turn Me On" was a novelty or a parody, as the hook was built around the singer's mock hyperventilation at the end of each verse. Its follow-up, "N-E-R-V-O-U-S," gives credence to the parody theory. But then again, maybe Ian was trying to channel the awful sexual anxiety of youth with extremely good manners. This clip was taken from an unspecified French television show.

Whitcomb abandoned rock and roll shortly after this song, in favor of a very full career highlighting and discovering Tin Pan Alley, vaudeville and music-hall songs. He still does that today. He was also instrumental in reintroducing the ukulele to contemporary audiences, a campaign for which some of you may wish to thank him, and others may want to forgive him.
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