Songs Of The Day 3/10/2013: New Musik - "Churches" + "Science"

New Musik may very well be my favorite synth-pop band of the genre's first era, which I'm dating as -- hold on a sec -- [throws at dartboard] -- 1977 to 1982. Those dates in fact comprise the entirety of New Musik's existence. Tony Mansfield was the braintrust behind the band. He would endure through the '80s as a tremendously successful producer. Remember Naked Eyes? That was Tony Mansfield. He's also credited as one of the producers of a-ha's Hunting High And Low, and initially produced their iconic hit "Take On Me." However, a-ha preferred another producer's cut of the song, and that version went on to become the heart-melting international smash. This is all on the baseball card.

But I prefer New Musik to all the other bands Mansfield worked with. Since it's Sunday I thought I'd share my favorite New Musik track, "Churches." Then I discovered they also had a song called "Science." So I figured we can have the two battle it out, creationist-vs.-Darwin style.

(Bonus: Here's Mansfield's version of "Take On Me" if you're interested. I too prefer the version that was a hit.)

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