Crowdsourced Song Of The Day 4/8/2013: The Make-Up - "I Am If..."

Today's CSOTD comes to us courtesy of Joe Kinyon. The Make-Up formed in 1995 in Washington DC. They bounced around several labels, issuing music on Dischord, K, and Slowdime, who put this song out as the B-side of a single. They started a movement called "Gospel Yeh-Yeh," the principles of which centered around their "Liberation Theology." That phrase is actually a precept of an attempted reformation within the Catholic church, in which the gospel of Christ is employed as a vehicle to lift up poorer, famished and struggling people out of their difficult social existences. Glenn Beck doesn't care for it very much. My understanding is that the Make-Up's "liberation theology" has about as much to do with organized religion as Glenn Beck has to do with rational discourse.

There, I've filled up a paragraph. Word count fulfilled. Thanks, Joe!

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