Song Of The Day 4/10/2013: Chris Knox - "Not Given Lightly"

It's my wife Kate's birthday. I'd been working on this blog post for just short of two months and came up with two gooey drafts. Then I became self-conscious about compromising the normally stoic demeanor I use to instill emotional discipline in our children. Also word count. It's my understanding that long letters of platitude, such as the first two drafts were, are indications of an ever-so-slightly unglued obsessive, and I didn't want to come off like a stalker. Given that we live together that would make dinnertime very problematic.

So I'll leave off all that and just say that Kate is the kindest, smartest, most creative, most supportive and most patient woman I've met, and none of this little budding media empire would have been possible if she wasn't here. At several points where things seemed at their bleakest, she wouldn't let them cross the line. I hope to have the chance to turn that around and do the same for her someday.

I love you, Kate. Happy birthday.

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