Song Of The Day 4/19/2013: Jimmy Lewis - "It Ain't What's On The Woman"

What the hell -- let's just go with all soul music between now and next Wednesday's DJ gig at the Brotherhood.* Oh, you haven't heard about next Wednesday's gig at the Brotherhood? Here, you're invited! Jimmy Lewis was a serviceable soul singer who had a history with Ray Charles and Z.Z. Hill. He's best known for an album called Totally Involved, which from the song titles appears to have a tutorial edge to it - "Message To The Ladies," "There Ain't No Man That Can't Be Caught," "Is That Any Way To Treat A Lady," "Go On Live Your Life."

And then there's this one, with a phenomenal preaching segment at the beginning, admonishing the listener that beauty's only skin deep. I should just let you experience it cold, but I did want to quickly cite Lewis' warning that men shouldn't be narrow in their physical requirements of prospective ladies: "I found out that big legs, big hips, and what we fellas like to call a -- protruding chest -- excuse me, ladies..."

My hand to God, I had no idea we fellas were referring to "it" as a "protruding chest." Maybe in '74, but I was a kid. Protruding chests weren't my bag. I liked Legos. Anyway, the point of the song being, just because your chest won't protrude doesn't mean you have diminished value. But, but, if your chest does happen to protrude, that doesn't mean you have diminished value either. What Mr. Lewis is saying is that in the summation of your character, actual or would-be chest protrusions are not, nor should be, a factor.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Lewis that a protruding chest, or lack thereof, should not be employed as a criteria for subjective assessment of worthiness. This also goes for chests which undulate, recede, amplify, depress or crescendo -- really, any action, voluntary or otherwise, relating to the chest. The nature of the chest, protruding or no, has no meaningful purpose in the greater dialectic.

You're welcome, gals!

*Possibly except for tomorrow, which is 4/20, and I have to make a joke about either Record Store Day or marijuana. Haven't decided which yet.
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