Song Of The Day 4/2/2013: Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside - "Party Kids"

After yesterday's April Fools non-event -- I was expecting much more rancor from you guys -- I needed something to restore this joint to a sense of normalcy. So I figured nothing could do that more effectively than barroom violence. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside are from Portland, and their new album Untamed Beast is so raw and sensual that I'm quivering just thinking about it. I'm saying it's so sensual my inseam is now its own sentient being. I'm saying it's so arousing all the compasses in my house are pointing south. (I have multiple my house.) It's one of my favorite albums of the first quarter of 2013. This is the video for "Party Kids." I can't guarantee results depicted in this video will be your actual experience, so don't try it at home. Only in public.

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