Song Of The Day 4/5/2013: Squeeze - "The Elephant Ride"

As you might have noticed yesterday, I started working on a memoir about my musical life. It's incorrectly tagged an "autobiography." I will fix that, because it's not one of those. Writing an autobiography implies that I would have to open up about dicey details from the distant past, ones that might incriminate other people and likely myself, and no one is the better for having those details out there, unless they're lawyers. Nope, this is a "memoir." It's going to float by on the wings of song and all that jazz. It will aspire to poetry and collapse agonizingly short of its stupid goal. With Spotify links!

Anyway, the point being, I'm going through all these memories one by one, and they're starting to pull a bunch of stuff up that I'd forgotten about. Smell the inconvenience. However, this song at the end of Squeeze's Sweets From a Stranger is one of the better things that just got jostled. Squeeze was one of the bands that "got me through high school," as they say when they want to use shopworn clichés. "The Elephant Ride" is never mentioned as being one of their best songs, but I believe it to be so.

And it kind of fits with this whole going back into the past business. You know... "today is none of our concern."

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