Song Of The Day 5/17/2013: Replicants - "Silly Love Songs"

Quarterly Covers Report: Replicants were a one-album wonder from 1995 featuring an ex-member of Tool, then-current members of Failure, and Guns n' Roses' current touring keyboardist. Their sole album contained covers of 11 songs. Because they're replicants, get it? The artists covered ranged from Neil Young and John Lennon to Gary Numan and Missing Persons, and true to their M.O. they tried to haze over our loving memories of the original songs with their own formaldehyde instincts. It worked mostly. They do a cover of Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" which was my original choice for today, but then I remembered their takedown of Paul McCartney & Wings' "Silly Love Songs," which was arguably McCartney's silliest love song. In Replicants' hands it sounds less like a buoyant work of sentiment and more a scuzzy, malodorous scraping sound of two people trying to "negotiate love moments," to quote The Fisher King. This won't end well. We like things that don't end well.

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